Ying’s New Book, Appointment with Ying @8AM, Now Available

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Community CPA
Dan Kim

For Immediate Release
November 26, 2019

Des Moines, IA – Des Moines-based entrepreneur and business owner Ying Sa has published her first book, Appointment with Ying @ 8am: Starting up a Business. This book is now available for purchase online: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1647133297/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_cmV1Db90KTNPX

Over the course of a year, Ying meets with about 2,200 clients. An immigrant formerly from Canada and China, she shares her experiences about starting up a business in the United States through her exceptional understanding of business and compassionate story telling. The book is all about how to get started in business, from the perspective of business narratives.

You will find business stories about Elon Musk, Donald Trump and Elkhart Trolley. Through these accounts, Ying introduced three imaginary countries that all business owners are coming from – Land of Hand, Land of Heart, and Land of Head. The journey to the Business Land from these imaginary countries are no different from a journey as an immigrant to USA.

You will meet business owners “Hua Hua,” “Samuel,” and many more, in situations like your own:

  • If you are not an immigrant and want to start a business, find “Emily” in the book.
  • If you are an ITIN holder wanting to start a business, find “Jose” in the book.

Ying’s hope is that you will truly see the reflection of yourself in these accounts. This book’s perspective is on starting a business from a position of clear self-realization.

The 8am book is first in a four-book series, to be followed by 10am, 2pm, and 6pm. The series follows the life-cycle of a business. Just as we start our day and go to rest at night, a business goes through a similar process as well. 8am is about starting, 10am is about developing, 2pm is about expanding, and 6pm is about sun-setting and retiring from business.

Start your collection of all four books today. Follow Ying at www.communitycpa.com, facebook.com/communitycpa, twitter.com/communitycpa, instagram.com/communitycpa

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