Underwriting Exposed Past Winners

Are you looking for $5,000 to jump start your business? For the first time in Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit history, deserving business starters will have the chance to win $5,000 for their business with no repayment necessary. The program is being sponsored by Wells Fargo, which presented Capital Access–20 Practical Ways to receive funds when starting a business at last year’s IES. During that time, participants learned where they might be able to get funded as a new business owner. This year, to build upon last year’s topic, Wells Fargo is adding one more way to get funded and it is through Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit at the exciting new session called Underwriting Exposed.

Applications have are now open for 2018 Underwriting Exposed Competition. In order to qualify, you must be an immigrant small business owner (born outside of the U.S.) with less than $10,000 in sales in the past 12 months. Submit requirements below to become one of four contestants at the Annual Summit and be one-step closer to the grand prize:


2016 Underwriting Exposed Winner

Wilfredo Melgar (Des Moines, IA)
Periódico Conexión Latina

I am from Belize and I studied International Business in Argentina while working. I got married when I was 27 years old to Erika Viteri and we have 2 kids (7 years old girl and 6 year old boy). My wife is currently pregnant with our third child. We moved to Iowa on January 2015 and since we had gained experience on printing services on an independent Christian newspaper we founded in Ecuador we decided to continue on this same area of business here in Iowa. When we arrived to Des Moines, we browsed through all the latino newspapers and noticed that no one was informing the Latino Community on what was going on in our surroundings. For that reason, most of the latino community without English language knowledge were left in the dark and unaware of what was going on in Iowa, especially on local laws and regulations recently approved or changed. We also noticed that the latino newspapers were not helping families in need in our community by not communicating families in need, while taking advantage of their news media. This is how we saw an opportunity and decided to start Periódico Conexión Latina.


2015 Underwriting Exposed Winner

Russel Karim (Cedar Falls, IA)
4Axis IT Solutions, USA, LLC

I was born and raised in a business family  in Bangladesh. I have always been a dreamer and determined about building a brighter future for myself and others. After gaining hands on experience working with mentors that have walked a similar path to myself, and making many great connections, my dream finally came true. I started my own company named 4axis IT Solutions USA, LLC last year. We are developing customized mobile apps and software applications focusing on educational institutes. Because of a sound business plan, I’m fortunate enough to acquire the office space at John Pappajohn entrepreneurial center and they are assisting me with the beginning stages of my business journey. Now my dream is to make latest and greatest technologies enhancements available for any and all educational institutes in need and create a business model for global market. I believe that “If I can dream it, I can do it.”

2014 Underwriting Exposed Winner

Goreth Nabukeera (Des Moines, IA)
Global Networking Connections Ltd.

I consider myself and my family to the miracle case. We are from Kampala, Uganda. My husband had won the green card lottery and allowed our entire family–me, my husband our four children–to be able to immigrate into this wonderful country in 2013. While living in Uganda, we were considered to be in the middle class and had a good life working for an American Embassy. My family also were fortunate enough to have our own small business producing corn flower called “Busunju Fama’s Mill”. I was a typical African child where from an early age I would master the arts of trade and commerce. This was the only way of life at the time and I truly cherish that experience since I learn that this is not typical for most people. I understand how business works and how to communicate effectively to manage people. I have been thinking of starting this business for a very long time and I feel once I get the Global Networking Connections Ltd. started I will be successful. I hope through the winnings from this competition I will be able to start this business and pursue my dream of import and export from Eastern part of Africa.