Immigrant Business Ownership Continues to Rise

Here’s a great article from that points out the changes in the growing immigrant business owner sector. Notice the differences in the types of businesses and surge in technology business ownership.

While many immigrants own restaurants (37% of owners were born outside the U.S.), grocery stores (49%) and laundry or dry cleaners (54%), a more substantial share now own technology companies. For instance, immigrants now own 20% of small computer systems design companies, according to the study.

This article  highlights that immigrants still believe that American is the place where dreams can be realized.

“it’s clear that the U.S. is still viewed as a place immigrants believe they can move to and succeed in. As Lowell Hawthorne, an immigrant from Jamaica who is now the CEO of a New York-based bakery and grill, told the New York Daily News: “Living in the United States, there are tremendous opportunities if one wants to work hard. … We saw there was opportunity, we ran with it and we never stopped.”

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