IES Award Nominations

The Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit (IES) is now accepting award nominations for IES Minneapolis, Des Moines and Moline events.

IES will award four outstanding immigrants, community leaders and immigrant advocates in each state.

The four award categories are:

Immigrant Entrepreneur Leadership Award

A first generation immigrant who has demonstrated leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit
in his/her professional and family life and on behalf of the immigrant and /or larger community.
Nominee possesses an ability to mobilize others and is regarded as a community leader.

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Outstanding Immigrant Business Award

An immigrant-owned (at least 50% ownership by first generation immigrant) business that
serves as a model and inspiration of success in both profit and philanthropy. Nominee utilizes
business strategies that carry a mission of community investment and civic engagement
while providing a healthy profit margin.

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Karen L. Evans Award (Immigrant Champion Award)

A non-immigrant who is dedicated to making a positive impact on the immigrant community.
Nominee demonstrates both a personal and professional commitment to and advocacy
on behalf of immigrants and their families and communities.

An organization (business, government or non profit) dedicated to making a positive impact on
the immigrant community. Nominee leads efforts to facilitate the entrepreneurial efforts of
immigrants and/or fosters an environment where the unique skills immigrants bring to
the work place is valued and rewarded.

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Immigrant Spirit Award

A first generation Immigrant who has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to professional
business excellence and altruistic pursuits. Nominee’s accomplishments and contributions
have broad and substantial positive impact on the immigrant and larger community.

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