2010 IES seminar topics

There are three time frames for 2010 seminars, each time frame has five topics including one Spanish topic. Speakers’ photos and bios will be added later, some basic information are shown below:

Morning (10-11):

1.    Seven essential steps to start a business
Speaker: Toni Lampley—Director of Iowa Women’s Enterprise Center at Iowans for Social & Economic Development;
Gregg S. Johnson, Professor Business Administration AIB College of Business

If you dreamed about having your own business but just did not know where and how to begin. You need to meet Toni. Toni has been mentoring and teaching business beginner class. She has plenty of stories to tell you and facts to prove to you that what you should do to get what you want to be. Severn essential steps will serve as your road map for your business start up. Get the map and get going from here.

Selling anything to anyone (How to Sell/Market your business) Selling is the difference between business success and failure. Set yourself apart by learning how to sell in new markets and new customers. Expand and grow your business through the positive power of selling.

2.    Employee or independent contractor, how to decide?
Speaker: pending for Kristy from IRS

For the past 12 month, there were many companies got audited by the different level of governments for misclassification of employee and contractors. If you are business and you hire people to work in your business, you need to take a good look at your list and make sure you classify your workers properly. There are steps to take and document to prepare in order a worker to be classified properly. Learn from Kristy who are representing IRS and Workforce government entities. Hear the advice first hand! Stay on top of tough issues.

3.    Finding money to start a business? Not from the bank?
Speaker: Kha Phan  CEO of Bright TechnologyLLC and Mike Cowell, Executive Director of Greater Des Moines Partnership

To start a business, there are many ways to gather initial investment or you call them “capital”.  In the past new business owners went to bank and you hear story about how bank funded a business and they flourished. In today’s world, getting bank loan is as painful as pulling teeth. If you have no teeth to pull, then you lose your right to experience the pain! There are other ways to get money! Just come to hear Kha and let him tell you his success stories without getting bank loan, let Mike tell you means without attempt to rob banks. Open your mind and embrace the opportunity of capital funding that you do not even know.

4.    Spanish topic—Essential steps to start a business.
Speaker: Carlos, Executive Director of Immigrant Rights Network of Iowa

Himar Hernandez, Economic and Community Development Program Specialist of the Iowa State University Extension.

Si usted sueña con tener su propio negocio o hacerlo crecer, entonces   necesitas estar presente en esta sesión. Que pasos debes seguri si deseas hacer realidad tu “sueño americano” de ser dueño de tu propio negocio?. Cuál es la mejor manera de hacerlo?. Carlos tiene muchas historias exitosas, consejos y sugerencias que serán compartidas con ustedes para que al comenzar su negocio empiecen  “con el pié derecho y eviten todo tipo de errores. Entre los temas a cubrir se incluye cómo incorporar un negocio con ITIN o seguro social, que tipos de negocios existen y muchos otros temas importantes a tener en cuenta antes de empezar su negocio.

Si planeas empezar un negocio o eres dueño de un negocio, Himar les mostrará a donde deben recurrir y que camino deben seguir si desean obtener ayuda financiera. Se cubrirán diversos programas financieros disponibles por ejemplo los préstamos de la administración de las pequeñas empresas (SBA), Iowa Microloan Foundacion, downtown grans and loans, etc.

5.    Doing business oversea/importing and exporting
Speaker: Brenda McGuire—President at WorldWide Connect;
Melinda Dunsmoor—Owner of Active Link Logistics, LLC

The rapidly growing international market may be very tempting to you, and you already have a picture of doing your business globally. And sufficient knowledge and expertise is essential, and helps you avoid pitfalls. Join this seminar to learn real nuts of bolts of importing and exporting from Melinda and Brenda. Both of them have extensive international trading experiences. Your learning can start from here today and may continue to the future with Brenda and Melinda.

Morniing (11-12):

1.    Most common legal issues in business/ protect you from business liabilities.
Speaker: Kim Baer—Partner at Wander, Baer & McCarthy

Do you know what business legal aspects are involved in your business? Learn more about legal issues in business to better prepare your business operation.

2.    Effective marketing without spending big bucks (online marketing).
Speaker: Douglas Mitchell—Founder and Chief Brand Amplifier at createWOWmedia; Founder and CEO at The Mitchell Group LLC

The Internet has made this entire world an open enterprise. It makes possible for your company to further expand your market and your consumer targets. Participating in Internet marketing not only saves your time and money, but also receives better interaction and feedback.

3.    Wealth planning/ Business transition to your child.
Speaker: Aaron Peterson–Field Development Specialist at Reserve National Insurance Company

Building a business is challenging, yet it is more durable for keeping your business running for generations. In that reason, you’d better realize bring kids to business to run a long-term business.

4.    Spanish topic—Taxes and licenses
Speaker: Song–Accountant at Community CPA

Si usted tiene un negocio, usted sabe que debe pagar impuestos, usted necesita contar con permisos y licencias dependiendo del negocio al que se dedique. En esta sesión, Song les dará una lista resumida de todos los impuestos, autorizaciones y permisos que necesitan los negocios mas comunes y como estar seguro que usted está declarando correctamente. Asimismo se hablará todo lo que usted debe tener en cuenta para que su negocio pueda deducir cuando declare sus impuestos, y otros consejos necesarios para que usted trabaje feliz y por mucho tiempo.

5.    All about getting business loan.
Possible speaker: Rob Gavin or SBA Lori or See

One of the leading causes of business failure is insufficient start-up capital. So if you decide to get a business loan from a bank or other lending institution, there are several things to consider. Here you will learn how to get approved for a business loan.

Afternoon (2-3):

1.    Lease or buy a commercial property.
Speaker: Brian Erickson—Vice President at NAI Ruhl & Ruhl Commercial Company

All growing small businesses may someday be faced with the question of leasing versus buying commercial property. This question has many pros and cons. In order to make your precise decision, this seminar will guide you to assemble the key facts of leasing versus buying commercial property.

2.    Immigration through your own business/investment.
Speaker: Lori Chesser—Attorney and Owner at Davis Brown Law Firm

Do you know that you are capable of completing the immigration status by having your own business? Here we will share with you the main factors of a successful business immigrant to help you with your migration plan.

3.    I am in business, what taxes do I have to pay?
Speaker: Pak—Accountant at Community CPA

In this section, you will learn the impact of taxes on your business, and how to keep tax records, all the taxes that a particular kind of business would have. If you understand the formation of taxes of all sorts, you won’t be so miserable next time when receiving the tax bill from the government.

4.    Spanish topic—Market your business quick and easy
Speaker: Enrique Pena—President of International Marketing Communications, Inc.

Si su negocio es una empresa de tamaño mediano, una pequeña empresa  o un negocio ubicado en tu hogar, esta presentación ha sido diseñada para ayudarle a tener éxito! Usted aprenderá no sólo la importancia de la publicidad, sino también las últimas herramientas y técnicas puestas en práctica y que se debe evitar.

Si la mercadotecnia /marketing no es lo tuyo? ¡Si Usted no tiene dinero para hacer su publicidad! ¡No hay problema! Participando en este seminario aprenderá como comercializar eficazmente, se les proveerá de herramientas y trucos fáciles. Lo más importante es que usted no necesitará  invertir una gran cantidad de dinero. Este seminario le enseñará a cómo publicitarse y ahorrar al mismo tiempo.

5.    Share my business success.
Possible speaker: Kha, Juan and Igor Dobrosavljevic

Learning from other’s story of business success, it preserves your time and money, and improves your business growth. With the flow of ideas and tips, you are able to boost your business and your ideas.