MOline, ILLinois — July 20, 2019

The Nation's Premier Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit

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The Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit exhibits the success stories of immigrant entrepreneurs. Business growth tips and keys to success when working with immigrant populations are shared in a non-competitive and supportive environment.

3D Tax Planning To Save Tax


Most tax planning you see on the market is flat faced – focusing only on one segment of the tax planning strategies. Do you know there are three must considered components for a complete tax planning? Learn the importance of three dimensions of tax planning and be the best in tax saving for your company. Ying will incorporate all three in one example and enable you to see how to save tax in the three dimensions of tax planning – a perfect and simple way to maximize your savings on tax dollars.

Legal Considerations for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Selecting the name of your business, determining how to set it up, and figuring out how it will operate on daily basis are all important issues to think about when forming your business. Mr. Nguyen will share some basic legal considerations small business owners may want to discuss with an attorney using real life examples and open discussion with the audience


Pricing Strategies for Small Businesses

Participants will learn how to set prices using three basic methods: Cost-based Pricing, Competition-based Pricing and Value-based Pricing. They will also gain knowledge on Break-even Point Analysis and other pricing strategies. This is a Hands-on workshop. Participants will be asked to calculate their prices on a worksheet.

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