Minneapolis, MN — May 18, 2019

The Nation's Premier Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit

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The Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit exhibits the success stories of immigrant entrepreneurs. Business growth tips and keys to success when working with immigrant populations are shared in a non-competitive and supportive environment.

Class Sessions

Doing a business with an ITIN number

Many foreigners want to start a business in the U.S. However, without proper citizenship and documentation, they often hesitate to do anything. Does starting a business really require citizenship or an EAD card? As a matter of fact, starting a business does not require you to have citizenship status. In many cases, starting a business as a foreigner can even help you with getting citizenship. In this seminar, we will explain how you may register and run a company as a foreigner. We will also cover how you may use a registered company to apply for citizenship. This knowledge with assisting you in making better decisions and investing in your own future.

How do I find money for my business

For small and startup businesses in the U.S., there are five major channels to acquire funds. These channels are private placements, bank loans, personal loans, government allowances, and allowances from non-profit organizations. These five channels are different in acquisition methods, legal requirements, and granted amount. For instance, different banks have different requirements for foreigners who apply for the personal loan. The requirements are also different when you choose to borrow money as an individual or as a company. This seminar will explain in detail how you can find these channels, how you can learn their requirements, and how you can gain more funds for your business.

How NOT to be audited

Business people often worry about being audited. An auditing process not only deviates a business from normal operations but also consumes the employer’s time and energy. When there is an issue spotted in auditing, the process could extend to three years or even ten years. In this seminar, we will explain what standards the audited companies were selected. We will also cover how you can improve your operations, documentation, and tax filings.

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