2010 Honorees

2010 IES Award Honorees: Dr. Judith Anne Conlin, Saley Nong, Sulim Nong, Monica Jaime, Armando Aguilar, and Krubo Gabriel

A Spectacular turnout–425 participants


“It was an absolutely outstanding Summit. My admiration for Ying and Swallow, the founders, is huge. As an individual business owner, Ying, model the highest level of entrepreneurship. It is reflected in the development of this true remarkable Summit. The number of participants who begin new businesses and/or who
enhance their ability to advance in business as a result of the Summit is truly extraordinary. Swallow, you have been the driving force behind the development of virtually every major event on behalf of the immigrant community. You encourage young leaders and prod those of us who are older to learn more and do better. Your energy and commitment is an inspiration. ”

Dr. Judith Conlin, Executive Director, Iowa Council for International Understanding (ICIU), 2010 IES Immigrant Champion Award Honoree

“This is more than an event–it’s an experiential Summit that inspires, educates and celebrates in a way that has the power to transform lives. Bankers Trust is proud to have been involved with IES from day one, and in 2010 increased our vote of confidence by becoming a Gold Sponsor. It was a great investment and a remarkable weekend and we’are looking forward to IES 2011.”

-See Rodari, vice President and Consumer Services Manager, Bankers Trust

“We enjoyed having the opportunity to give this important presentation in Spanish. We believe there is a big need for this type of presentation in Spanish. The audience was very engaged and had good questions. Let us know if you would like us to do a similar presentation next year.”

–Enrique Pena Velasco, President, IMC, Inc., Speaker for seminar “Spanish topic: Market your business quick and easy”

“On behalf of my family and the entire Liberian immigrant community in Des Moines, Iowa, I thank the IES Presenting sponsor, other sponsors, hosts, and members of the planning team for the 2010 Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit. I am delighted to express my profound gratitude and appreciation for the honor given to me as a recipient of the 2010 Outstanding Immigrant Business Award. I am grateful to be recognized in the immigrant business community and I hope to contribute to this event and give back to the community in the future.

Finally, I want to encourage you to keep on with the good work of bringing Immigrants together and teaching them to understand their contributions to the society. We need this gathering and the help of one another to grow in our businesses so that together, we can achieve the American dream.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at next year event. “

–Krubo Gabriel, Owner of KB African Store, 2010 IES Immigrant Business Award Honoree

“I am an African American female who was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. I am currently unemployed, and have been seeking knowledge in obtaining my own business. This was an excellent opportunity to begin.

The 2010 IES has been an awesome experience for me. If one were to go b the name, they would think that this Summit existed for only individuals from a totally different culture than our own. In all reality, this summit was created fro anyone interested in being their own boss. There were over 475 people from all different parts of the world…including Iowa.

Upon entering, the atmosphere was great, but somewhat overwhelming for me at first. There were people from all over the globe. Definitely a great time for networking! An Asian business owner even approached me to ask what type of business I owned. When I told him what type f business I had in the making, he offered to become one of my vendors and took down my contact information. What a great feeling it was for me!

Overall, the biggest highlight of the summit was listening to those heart-filled stories of the local business owners. It was important for me to listen and learn how they got started, so that I can be on the right track as well. How many of us take time out to approach someone from a different culture? Not just to sell or buy, but to network and learn new ideas and ways to help each other.

Through this summit, I have learned new and inexpensive ways to plan, start, and build my own business. I have not only learned these things, but plan on acting on it. I would like to encourage those who have a desire to build, to attend the next Immigrant Entrepreneur Summit…you will walk away with enough information to be on your way to success! ”

–Cindy DeBrown, attendee in 2010 IES